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Scientific simulation is a great tool to help science, engineering, and tech students to build a solid scientific intiution in the fundamental and basic princibles of science and math.
For this reason, MatCalc was launched to provide an interactive online platform in different scientific expirements and concepts.
MatCalc was developed by E H H Hasabeldaim (PhD) in my mission to contribute toward making of the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologist.

About the author

    Emad Hasabeldaim hold a PhD and MSc in physics (material science and condensed matter physics) form the university of the free state, Bloemfonntein, South Africa (2019).
    I obtained my BSc hons in applied physics and electronics from the red sea university, Port Sudan, Sudan, (2012).
    I am currently working as post doctoral research fellow at the university of the free state, for the project of plasmonic enhanced luminescence properties of the luminescent materials, for optoelectronics applications.
Over the years, i developed expertise and skills in the following areas:
    Material science (advanced luminescence materials).
    Coding and software development (Python, Javascript, html, and css).

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